When summer arrives there is nothing better that to enjoy a healthy and cooler chilled Tomato Soup. You can serve it as a starter or as a main course, depending on the portion size and the garnish,  which we recommend of course with Castanoble Cured Iberian Ham. Ingredients for 8 serves: 1 Kg of riped

IBERIAN PRODUCTS For our Iberian products, we use only high-quality Iberian pigs, bred in the pastures of southern Spain, mainly in Andalusia and Extremadura. There are two types, classified by their feed: – Iberian acorn-fed These Iberian pigs, eat natural feed from the pastures, mainly acorns, in the final fattening period (or «montanera» phase). The

Quality Seal logotype Tierra de Sabor

Since our foundation, in Castanoble we are seeking for continuous improvements of the quality of our products. Nowadays, we are proud to join with the quality seal “Tierra de Sabor” from Castilla y León. Castilla y León is one of the most important regions of Spain in food production, with a clear focus on quality,