Passion for ham and Iberian products for more than 40 years


Castanoble is a family business with ample experience in the Spanish ham sector. The company is dedicated mainly to production and sales of ham legs and shoulders, as well as other pork products made from the Iberian pork and white pork.

We are firmly committed to advancing towards the “total quality” by implementing a program based on innovation, development and continuous research and applying it to all elements involved in the manufacturing process of our products.

Our facilities have been specifically designed for taking advantage of natural climatic conditions of the area. This way, we manage to add a natural and traditional touch to the production process, making cured ham products just like they were made in the past, but without renouncing the benefits of using the latest technologies.

Moreover, we follow our own quality system for ensuring the quality of all products. Careful attention is paid to detail during the production process in order to obtain highest-quality products.

Over 40 years of experience in making the best products.

Special production facilities for manufacturing our Iberian meats.

Ample experience in the professional hotel, restaurant and catering sector (HORECA).

Product quality confirmed by quality certificates.

Our History


The story of our company starts in 1973 when a small business was established in Barcelona, dedicated mainly to retail sales of cured ham and cold meats. In 1980s we initiated a vertical business integration process with an emphasis of high-quality cured hams. To that end, a small ham curing centre was launched in Castilla y Leon. The main focus is on production of white-layer ham.

When Spain entered the European Common Market, we initiated the process of adjusting our facilities to the Community regulations, achieving recognition of the Meat Industry accredited by the EC.

In 1990s we commenced production of ham legs and shoulders from the Iberian pork, making them our star products. From that point forward, Castanoble continued to evolve and improve its production processes, becoming a quality reference figure in the Spanish ham market.

Headquarters in Barcelona


Our facilities located in Barcelona and inaugurated in 2005 after an extensive reform also host our headquarters. They also include a warehouse, conservation chambers, a deboning hall and a vacuum packaging station, allowing us to meet the needs of our clients, especially those from the hospitality and catering sector that require a customized, quick and efficient service.

We also have a totally remodelled specialized store for end customers, bringing them a personalized and professional approach throughout the entire shopping experience. It features a wide selection of products elaborated under our own brand name and a variety of gourmet products made in Spain and abroad.

Production facilities


Our ham drying centre is located in Riego de la Vega leonese municipality in Castilla y Leon province (Spain). Rural setting of this geographical location features an exceptional climate, which contributes to obtaining outstanding high-quality products.

This 5000 square meters plant is equipped with modern facilities for the complete elaboration process of cured ham. They feature freezing, conservation and salting chambers, a settlement or post-salting area, natural drying chambers and maturing cellars employed during the last phase of curing.

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