Difference between Iberian ham and Serrano ham

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For our Iberian products, we use only high-quality Iberian pigs, bred in the pastures of southern Spain, mainly in Andalusia and Extremadura.

There are two types, classified by their feed:

– Iberian acorn-fed

These Iberian pigs, eat natural feed from the pastures, mainly acorns, in the final fattening period (or «montanera» phase). The «montanera» period begins in October and ends sometime between January and March of the following year, when they reach optimal weight, they are slaughtered.

– Iberian Grain-fed

These Iberian pigs are given natural feed made from grains and legumes and, although some of the raw materials may be taken from the pastures, they don’t go through the «montanera» phase.



Made from select white pigs, bred in Spain. They are fattened mainly on feed made with natural grains. These animals yield high-quality raw material for our products, such as our highly acclaimed:

– Gran Reserva Serrano Ham

Produced according to European Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (TSG) standards for «Jamón Serrano». This ham stands out for its homogeneity when cut, shiny fat, delicate, less salty flavour and pleasant smell.

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